Mercedes' Silver Arrow theory Packs Swanky Tech Into an ancient Timey Racer

Mercedes’ Silver Arrow theory Packs Swanky Tech Into an ancient Timey Racer

Mercedes’ Silver Arrow theory Packs Swanky Tech Into an ancient Timey Racer

For the entire glory you get from riding a 1930s Grand Prix race motor vehicle, it’s now not essentially the most comfy technique to get round city. There’s the shortcoming of a roof, for one. The loud and one could most effective count on stinky engine. A seat that hasn’t benefited from a century of ergonomic research.

So Mercedes-Benz has first rate information for those that like the cushiness of the twenty first century however can’t recover from the attraction of those pre-war days. At a swanky cocktail birthday party on the California coast within the lead up to Sunday’s Pebble seaside Concours d’class, the luxurious automaker unveiled the EQ Silver Arrow, an idea that places a high-tech spin on the car as it once was.

The fashioned Silver Arrows bought their identify from their paint-free aluminum our bodies. here’s 2018, so the EQ theory is carbon fiber, painted to appear to be incandescent steel.


The Silver Arrow monniker dates to 1934, when Mercedes faced disqualification from a race for showing up with a car a single kilogram over the restrict. To drop the burden, the crew scraped the white paint off the W 25 racer, revealing the luminous aluminum physique underneath. They won the race, and the Silver Arrow name adopted. This new concept is an homage to the 1937 W one hundred twenty five, which Mercedes driver Rudolf Caracciola used to lift that yr’s European Championship, the predecessor to up to date formulation 1 racing.

like the racers of ancient, the EQ Silver Arrow seats only one, within the core of the vehicle, which is barely over 17 toes long and about 3 toes tall. This being 2018, it’s made from carbon fiber, so it’s painted to seem like aluminum. every wheel has 168 light-weight aluminum spokes painted rose gold and sports a non-rotating hubcap, so the three-pointed big name isn’t subjected to the indignity of spinning.

You’ll locate the equal logo in the tread on the Pirelli tires and sewn into the seat, a element that stands out even in a sea of lovely leather-based, aluminum, walnut, and grey suede to fit the exterior. different coddling elements consist of the 4-point harness good enough, that’s just a safety factor and the “Airscarf” device that makes use of palsy-walsy air to assuage the neck of any driver so desirous to hit the highway, they neglect their scarf up within the penthouse.

The car is more than 17 ft lengthy and simply three toes tall, with room for a single person: the motive force.


however the future basically hits within the automobile’s powertrain. in its place of the 5.6-liter, eight-cylinder engine that powered the W a hundred twenty five, this idea gets an eighty-kWh battery that produces the equivalent of an outrageous 750 horsepower and 250 miles of range between costs. Drivers who dig the battery vigor however leave out the aural sensation of inner combustion can have the possibly deluxe sound device mimic a Mercedes-AMG V8 or a latest Mercedes F1 automobile.

much of the view from the driver’s seat is taken up with the aid of a panoramic reveal that offers a 3-D graphic of the vehicle’s atmosphere. if you’re longing for a challenge, the screen will display a “ghost” competitor, an augmented-reality trick that offers you a person to race in opposition t. And lest you lose, the vehicle’s “virtual Race educate” will deliver information, in some unspecified manner.

Of path, these are all just ideas; the EQ Silver Arrow is an idea and never the sort of element Mercedes will in fact build. however in an age where the race to hand handle over to the robot dominates headlines, it’s nice to revisit the glory days of human-powered racing—devoid of risking a chilly neck.

With the assist of the,virtual Race coach,” that you may hit the tune without worrying about turning this frown upside down.


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