Lisbon, Maine Dispatcher Saves travelers in Lisbon, Portugal

LISBON information center Maine — Cathy Roy has been a dispatcher for 22 years and in that time she has answered and handled some amazing ordinary calls.

while working on the Lisbon Police department, she obtained one which tops all of them. Roy was talking to 2 girls who had been trapped in an elevator and mandatory aid getting out.

The women pressed the emergency button but after 20 minutes, Situs judi online nobody had showed up. so they Googled: Lisbon Police.

The girls referred to as the number listed which became in Lisbon, Maine. The problem became the girls were trapped in Lisbon, Portugal.

Roy didn’t let that tiny truth get within the method.

She says the ladies have been starting to panic and believe claustrophobic.

Roy jumped on-line herself and located the number for Lisbon, Portugal Police. despite a language barrier she become capable of explain the condition and get assist on the style.

Roy was on the telephone with the girls when emergency crews arrived. Roy says both girls had been from the USA and on holiday in Portugal’s capitol metropolis.

The ladies ended up being stunning and that they now not only have a good narrative to tell however they made a friend from Lisbon, Maine, whereas in Lisbon, Portugal.

news center Maine

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